The winner of ADE Dancer of the Year (DOTY) will automatically be a ADE Noble Prodigy for the upcoming season, assist the ADE Faculty on stage, and receive 2-night hotel stays in each tour city for the entire 2021-2022 regional season!

In order to compete for DOTY, you must be registered for Tier 1.

For More Information about DOTY PLEASE CLICK HERE

Noble Prodigies will be featured assistants on stage and. Noble Prodigies 18+ over will also be provided with meals onsite for added administrative duties during the event.

To learn more about the selection process click HERE


Calling all sophomores or junior in High School, with an interest in pursuing a Musical Theater career.

Looking for versatile dancers with the ability to sing.

The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts will be offering over $20,000 in scholarships this summer during ADE'S Season finale! Learn More HERE

Orlando, FL July 2-6
Hilton Orlando-Bonnet Creek Resort
Orlando, FL July 2-6
Hilton Orlando-Bonnet Creek Resort




-Noble Prodigy Audition

-ALL Classes + Master Classes

-Choreography Piece for Gala

-Talent Auditions with MSA, CTG, 

-Broadway Workshop & Audition

-1 Gala Ticket

-FREE Audition Spot for ADE's Dreamers Dance Company




-ALL Classes + Master Classes

-Talent Auditions with MSA, CTG 

-Broadway Workshop & Audition

-FREE Audition Spot for ADE's Dreamers Dance Company

Orlando, FL July 2-6
Hilton Orlando-Bonnet Creek Resort

Noble Prodigy Selection Process

PART 1: Registration & What to Email 

1.-Please Make Sure to Register for Tier 1 before May 15th

2.  Completed Prodigy Questionnaire

Click on the link below:


3.  High-resolution color headshot


Please make sure we can see your face clearly!  *Remember to email this, not mail.


4.  High-resolution full body shot of you in a Prodigy shirt


We just want a clear picture of you smiling naturally in your ADE t-shirt; one that will be easily recognizable to our staff and faculty!  This photo does not need to be professionally taken. Simple is best!



DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR PAPERWORK.  Late submissions will not be accepted.


Below is a more detailed breakdown of the selection process on site.  Please read through carefully so you know what to expect!

PART 2: Friday, July 2nd Orientation

Parents are encouraged to attend orientation and are welcome to stay after their very own parent orientation.


PART 3: How will Noble Prodigies be selected?

1.  Performance in classes during the week.

It is incredibly important for the faculty to see how quickly you are able to pick-up the material and translate it properly.


2. Noble Prodigy Showcase Piece.  

Rehearsals may be monitored randomly by staff and faculty.


3.  Audition & Interview with Faculty and Director panel.  

You will perform a section of the choreography piece and express to the faculty why you should be selected.  They may also request that you improv a bit before or after your section.

Progressions across the floor will also be instructed in various styles by other Faculty members.

You do not need to prepare anything otherwise.


4.  Small-Group Interviews with staff and faculty.  This is the opportunity to express to the staff why you should be selected, in regards to your “off-stage” abilities. Questions will be randomly assigned on-site.


5.  Quality & Timeliness of your Prodigy All-Star Packet submission.


6.  Overall ability to represent ADE faculty, staff with integrity.


PART 4: July 6th Showdown Gala Awards Ceremony Announcements


All Dancers that meet the requirements of The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts will be seen that want to audition for the dance program, a cut will be made after the dance call. Our faculty will choose whom we want to move on to the singing portion of the audition.


Students who complete the singing portion will be eligible and picked for scholarships up to $20,000 per academic year. Full ride scholarships will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements to be considered for The Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts Scholarships:

Currently a sophomore or junior in high school.

● Exhibit an innate ability to be successful in the performing arts.

● Exhibit proficiency in multiple dance styles and techniques.

● Showcase potential of vocal ability by singing two contrasting musical theatre songs of 32 bars each.

●Dancers will need to be registered to Tier 1 or 2 in order to audtion.

● ALL students and anyone in the audition room MUST be wearing a face mask and social distancing.

At the audition:

● Dancers should bring a headshot with a resume attached. (due to covid-19 we may ask for digital copies to limit cross-contamination).

● Plexiglass divider for the singers to stand behind when auditioning, they will need to remove their masks to sing. The student singing should be the ONLY individual in the room unmasked and MUST be standing behind a plexiglass barrier.

● Dancers will be learning a MUSICAL THEATRE JAZZ combination.

Noble Prodigies who were awarded as a Junior or Teen need to re-audition each year at Nationals. **Junior Noble Prodigies entering the Teens and Seniors room must become a Prodigy All-Star in the Teens/Seniors room before they can re-audition as a Teen Noble, **


Noble Prodigies who were awarded Noble status as a Senior of age at 17+ will graduate to Noble Alumni at the conclusion of that year’s ADE National.


ADE Alumni  - will need to pay a membership fee of $50 every 2 years to upkeep their Alumni Status, they are to attend any ADE regional event for free once their membership fees are due. They may be asked to assist in their attending cities.  They are to receive 50% of any master classes and 50% off nationals or international cities.


NOTE FOR NATIONALS: If you are applying to become a Noble Prodigy or re-applying as your second year you will need to pay for Tier 1.


If you are graduating into a Noble Alumni as your last year as a Senior Noble Prodigy you will need to pay Regular Convention FEE - $300


Current Prodigy All-Stars registered for the Season Finale and are auditioning to be a Noble Prodigy will have the opportunity to compete against one another for ADE DANCER OF THE YEAR.  The winner of ADE Dancer of the Year will automatically be an ADE Noble Prodigy for the upcoming season and assist the ADE Faculty on stage and receive 2-night hotel stays in each tour city for the entire 2021-2022 regional season!  


ADE will be awarding 3 ADE Dancer of the Year awards this summer: 1 in the Junior Level, 1 in the Teen Level and 1 in the Seniors Level.


A maximum of 3 solos per dancer is allowed to compete for DANCER OF THE YEAR. We are looking for versatility!

Dancers must be able to master 2 or 3 different styles and follow the ADE Noble Prodigy Guidelines.